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County planners recommend ‘hometown’ status for Brookview 

Turnout sparse at first  preliminary development hearings

Harter said challenge makes top job in Christina attractive 

Sewers and relocating residents loom big in Brookview plans  

Police and politics won’t be mixed, county officials say  

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County tax hike probable in coming fiscal year

Holy Rosary school closure put off for a year

Delmarva Power considers reregulation and phasing in rate increase


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Commentary:   Feb. 6   Feb. 17


County finance official pitches interim tax hikes

Coons seeks a tax increase while proposing a tight budget

Council spars as it warms up for its bout with taxes

Delmarva Power rate increase ‘relief’ legislation heads to quick passage


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House approves electricity rate legislation


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Commentary:    Apr. 4


State revenue forecasters remain bullish

Riverfront development seen as a possibility in Claymont

Staff and parents seek to correct bad impressions about Mount Pleasant

County looks past record budget and tax hike for fiscal remedies


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P.S. will be downsized

Wilmington tests its emergency-response plan

Board approves lean budget and slightly higher tax rate

Knollwood to be site of new moderate-price housing

The Brandywine goes on a rampage


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School board picks ‘finalist’ for superintendent job

Talley ready for a comeback

Attorney general’s office upholds confidential superintendent search


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Superintendent-to-be gets off on the right foot

Scanlon formally chosen as superintendent

Council scolds Coons over filling paramedics position 

Schools trying to steer students to more healthy diets


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Police chief appointment draws criticism


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Pride is the key word at Mount Pleasant


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Woodlawn library demonstrates the power of cooperation

Woodlawn library opens

County seeks to cope with budget crisis sooner than later

Legislators vow to deep-six ban on dumping yard waste

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County financial-study panel looking at a variety of approaches


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Comp plan signals major change in county's land-use policies

Civic groups declare war on accessory dwelling units legislation

Panel prepares package of ideas to deal with county budget crisis

School board gets plan for a bright future, but is told present is cloudy

Christmas trees will be first to feel brunt of yard-waste ban

New superintendent shares some thoughts and impressions


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