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Archive -- 2005


(Some) Lawmakers list their priorities

Planning agency presents transportation plan

United Council enacts flood-mitigation ordinance

Council questions why folks question state of county finances

Risk assessment is focus of county auditor controversy

Brandywine starts down the path to a bond referendum

Axe falls on auditor Hicks

Morris: County finances as easy as 1-2-3


Coons sets out a plateful of recommended initiatives

County leaders sound out the Brandywine Hundred public

Council begins process of replacing former auditor

City to take the stornwater utility route

As expected – no county tax refund coming 

Chancery Court asked to order a county tax rebate 


Referendum voters may be asked to go beyond renovating buildings

Proposal would split stormwater management between state and the counties 

Planning council tables transportation plan 

Official proposes unloading L.N.G. in Delaware Bay  

Referendum push being organized  

Referendum to include boost in tax rate for operations 

Council personnel moves generate confusion  

Council opts for reserves, not refunds  

Stormwater plan looks to head off property buyouts

Coons asks for large sewer rate hike, but no tax increase


Firm rejects order to rebuild historic wall  

Council achieves unanimity of a sort on a busy day  

Budget process loaded with imponderables 

Mandatory recycling proposal unlikely to reach the legislature

Budget paring silences festival canon 

Consultant finds financial situation as dangerous as Coons said it is  

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School board candidates express their views

Planning council blasts DelDOT’s capital-spending cutbacks 

Hefty county tax hike projected  

Public to pass on last phase of school building program  

Exec and Council see eye-to-eye on financial ordinances
Governor to seek enactment of a voluntary recycling law  

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Korn's challenge to county budget is probably over  

Hayward loses bridge battle, but thinks he may someday prevail   

County police deployment under study  

Recycling proposal will simmer for up to a year 

Blue Ball taking shape

Historic features of P.S. will be preserved 

Coons tallies pluses and minuses of his first six months

Rental code ordinance headed for enactment

Tax money eyed as way to help Brookview residents

Council given update on county finances as fiscal year ends


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Board reverses order to restore Paladin wall

Ailing drainage ponds loom as a mind-boggling problem

School board to receive a $123.7 million budget 

School board approves $123.7 million preliminary budget 

‘3.319’ process may be broadened to include all major development

Rent-a-cop services will still be available

Town Center sale ruled to have been a bit of tax-free shopping 


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Sale of Brookview apartments is imminent 

Brookview purchase confirmed; redevelopment to begin in a year 

A crowd turns out for glimpse of a new Brookview  

Planning council to take another look at transportation spending

Wawa seeks to resolve flap over hue of bricks 

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Transportation plan revised once again 

Harter: We’re good but not as good as we can be 

Probe of police off-duty procedures said to be progressing 

County looking for ways to aid Katrina victims  

Parents lash out at Brandywine’s special-education program  

Council deals with a variety of matters in quick order  

Brookview proposal sparking interest in other redevelopment 

Financial advisors cautious in forecasting impact from M.B.N.A.'s acquisition 

Katrina victims find a cooperative effort to help here 

School district pledges further improvement effort  


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Plan for sewers south of the canal to be completely reworked

Chief McAllister goes quietly

Council urged to zero in on providing for ‘affordable’ housing 

Ordinance killing ‘3.319’ hearings squeaks by   

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DelDOT financing committee unable to reach consensus on recommendations

County realigns capital-spending program

Brookview snapshot defines resident relocation challenge


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Coons administration presents housing strategy initiatives

Full-day kindergarten would crowd Brandywine classrooms

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