Archive -- 2004


Study to zero in on mandatory recycling

‘Hometown’ zoning ordinance sparks little interest

Feds said unlikely to help pay for new McConnell Bridge

County to start buy-out of houses destroyed by September storms

Ordinance's defeat may not spell the end for a county rental code

County to start buy-out of houses destroyed by September storms (updated)

County rental code stands a good chance of coming around again

Brandywine aims at broadening 'gifted' program

Recycling program said far from being a done deal

Planning Board endorses 'hometown overlay'

Residents protest Paladin wall's demise

School district to charge for data


Brandywine’s no-referendum pledge still holds, but it’s shaky

Politics did in the county rental code, taskforce contends

Paladin folk rally around their fractured wall

County will finance Claymont Renaissance plan

District information policies may affect board members too 


Paladin wall controversy remains a slippery slope

Baccalaureate students fully involved at Mount Pleasant

Korn said good government is his only motive 

B.P. professes planned natural gas plant to be safe

Fiscal outlook improved, but there are still minuses

Metro government goes over with a resounding thud

Council ready to enact pair of long-pending measures 

Gordon said he’s leaving the county in very good shape 

Board said to be doing a good job, but communicating poorly

Claymont High was instrumental in Brown v. Board of Education


Auditor alleges coercion over report of his first examination

New property regulations won't be heavy-handed

Federal support for state road projects said not in jeopardy

Audit questions county's relationship with insurance and law firms

Brandywine defines role of facilities-study taskforce

Chancery judge rejects bid to bar county from hiring outside lawyers

School integration said still incomplete 50 years after Brown vs. Board

Waste Authority objects to proposed recycling law

Claymont School renovations ahead of schedule


Land Use stats awe Council

Bus drivers claim Brandywine denies them a contract

Taskforce starts work on a comprehensive Brandywine building plan

Developer claims controversial Paladin wall isn’t historic

Historic Review Board endorses some protection for Jester Park

‘70s-style Concord High getting a new look

Hockessin poised to seek 'hometown' status

Council puts off decision about outside legal fees

Coons calls extraordinary Council session

Renovating vintage school brought challenges


County Council asked to probe for more extensive corruption

One recycling bill dies, but another is coming

Proposed law would nix Council's distance voting

Council may not get a full recess this year

Senate approves recycling measure after waste authority drops opposition

Fate of schools linked to grades configuration

Problem's solution will produce a new park

Extensive school renovation plan presented


Mandatory recycling bill dies, but the idea lives on

Drivers taking your life into their hands

School facilities taskforce begins mulling options

Closing schools not simply 'take your pick'

Achieving recycling goal called into question 

Design guidelines will govern 'hometown' development

Emerging plan would close Brandywood and Talley or Hanby

Recycling approach skirts some thorny issues

State said to be the best source of financial aid for Wilmington 

Ordinance would give city $15 million to spend on public safety 

New year comes early to Maple Lane 

'Overlay' plan envisions  a revitalized Claymont


Statue of Cloutier to be placed in Brandywine Hundred library

Sewer work carries a hefty pricetag

Bay crossing is more than just your routine ferry ride 

Planning Board endorses 'hometown' zoning for Claymont and Hockessin

Supply of poll workers is dwindling 

Auditor charges county consultant was improperly paid 

Large grant may be first installment on financial aid for Wilmington

Panel considers a third option for realigning Brandywine schools


Brandywine taskforce hears first objections to closing schools

They're back -- bigger than ever

Ethics panel wants more teeth after candidates miss report deadline

Mandatory recycling will soon get public airings

Historic curatorship program draws criticism from idea's proponents

Council members say 'evergreen' contract emits a foul aroma

Claymont High earned a prominent place in U.S. history

Special Council session called to impose job freeze

Council to Gordon: Sack attorney Mullaney

Bid to halt county personnel moves fails

Gordon reportedly acting in residency controversy

Solicitor said Mullaney's appointment may have been unconstitutional

Brandywine puts school options before the public

Hospice will comfort dying children

Brandywine's projected decline in enrollment challenged


County budget surplus starts to ebb away  

Status quo emerges as the more likely schools plan 

Gordon disputes tax-hike prediction  

Hanby and Brandywood are popular choices  

Defeat of curbs on county personnel moves recommended  

Extent of responsibility for costly  flood mitigation pondered  

Claymont leaders envision a new day starting 

Doorey indicates she leans toward keeping schools open

Board rejects facilities plebiscite; approves teacher contract 

Mandatory recycling taking shape; but who's watching? 

Government area has a new look 

Officials consider new agency to deal with stormwater problems 

Size 7 Council goes out in a blaze of controversy


School renovations plan clears first official hurdle

Coons outlines his agenda 

State-sponsored seminar makes a case for stormwater utilities

County asked to halt building while addressing stormwater problems 

District edges closer to meeting class-size cap

Recycling plan gets some backing from the public 

The Blue Ball Big Dig 

Recycle panel reaffirms most of its decisions 


Council expected to provide $17 million for stormwater ‘project’

Clark seeking a financial tutor sparks new Council’s first tussle

Coons opposes quick passage of stormwater ordinance

Voluntary recycling doesn't do it  

County's books found in good order

Council puts off flood mitigation and building code revision