Archive -- 2003




New designs likely to speed McConnell bridge project

Civic organization opposes enlarging County Council

Smith Bridge dedicated  

Historic area ready for revitalization 

Priority given to Concord High rebuilding 

Powell to head committee dealing with land use issues 

History board's stance will determine fate of  large bank project

Hockessin considers 'village'-style redevelopment 

Delaforum Photo Album: State of the State address 

Plan calls for a median on Philadelphia Pike 

Harlan may look the same, but will be quite different inside 

Ethics panel nominee goes unconfirmed  

Governor offers diverse plan for meeting budget crisis



Legislature wrestles with what to do about the state's smoking ban

End of long-running dispute over paying legal fees in sight 

Grant program for community projects gets underway  

Biden warns against going it alone 

Biden gives mixed signals on presidential possibilities 

Restored Stone School is again a community asset

History board gives go-ahead to Bank One project  

Revised plan for Claymont Renaissance unveiled  



Mount Pleasant prepares to offer prestigious international program  

Smaller would be better, civic leaders say 

County Council sees expansion as all but certain  

Students buckle down for some big-time testing 

Seven-Eleven caved; Weldin House saved

Refinery said new equipment will virtually eliminate air pollution problem 

No-smoking law supporters lose a round, but appear to win the bout  

Moving into the new library . . .  

Rental code drafters get down to details and financing  

County poised to approve plans for a Claymont Wawa

General Chemical shutdown also impacts Honeywell  

The 'other river' due for its annual cleanup  

Gordon keeps no-tax-hike promise as county bucks national trend  

Governor joins in effort to restore Wilmington's fiscal health 



Biden said U.S. should seek all the help it can get when restructuring Iraq

Sewer capacity remains an issue for proposed Claymont Wawa

One man mobilized support for an improbable cause

Senate votes to leave no-smoking law intact

Church to purchase former library building

Brandywine Hundred revels in new library

State budget outlook continues to improve

Proposed rental code inspection system questioned

Penny Hill boosters look to wider horizons

Delaware provided passage to Yorktown

Governor wants to pull the plug on droughts

Executive believes county could take over roads or schools



Brandywine Hundred update

Brandywine district planning a year-around school

County officials fault proposed rental code

Historic Forwood School property will be developed

Blue Ball bypass on target

Panel will recommend that city use assets to generate revenue

City revenue panel expects uphill battle to get recommendations approved

Lest we forget

County budgets approved, but final decision on sewer project put off



City financial recommendations get cool reception in Dover 

Environmental ordinance draws support, objections 

Lawmaker wants to incorporate Claymont

Incorporation proposed to give Claymont land-use jurisdiction

Governor asks Assembly to come to the aid of city's finances

Old Delaware Trust Building being transformed

Conservation-design law on fast track to adoption

State budget outlook remains murky

Claymonters appear to be opposed to incorporation



Fellow Democrats decry Coons's lobbying

Council expected to enact conservation-design law

State agency will determine disposition of Channin school site 

Environmental ordinance, hospital's waiver approved by Council 

Sunoco's Coastal Zone Act permit upheld 

Area faces decision to get serious about recycling  

Incorporation is your call, Smith tells Claymonters

Councilman charges that his work on tax legislation was 'stolen' 

Weiner said administration snub is hurting constituents

Summer Shakespeare comes back



Objectors let the air out of used car ordinance 

Officials charge to the rescue of endangered properties

County would make redeveloping old properties even easier

Environmental details loom large in Blue Ball Barn reconstruction 

Bond data defines extent of state economy

Planners would deny historic protection for Jester Farm 

Little Leaguers return home 

County urged to make recycling mandatory



'Brownfields' law advanced at quiet public hearing

At Harlan, everything old is new again

Law expanding ethics panel's role almost ready

Financial advisors likely to make  little change in state revenue estimates



Bank's plans for reinventing the Public Building disclosed

Brandywine Hundred to get first red light camera

Law to return environmental fines to communities endorsed 

State's role leading up to Yorktown documented

Weldin House advocates come out on top 

Curbside recycling recommended for county residents  

McConnell Bridge design may not be settled after all 

Hayward sticks by his insistence on a four-lane McConnell Bridge

Waste authority seeks to flare landfill gases

School district may subsidize teachers' home buying

Conectiv strongly faulted for storm response



Recycling law, yard waste ban being sought

New library proves to be a popular attraction

Council president and County Executive at odds over a rental code

Brandywine to offer its own performance evaluations 

Rental code proposal gains a receptive community ear

Money talks, but not everyone understands  

Ordinance would give ‘unique’ communities control over development 



Alternate rental code proposal could trigger political confrontation

State’s financial advisors turn bullish 

Waste authority asked to get ready for mandatory recycling  

Rental code said apt to have unexpected consequences  

School district has eight unfilled teacher slots

Advocates urge quick passage of a county rental code