Archive -- 2001


Community would provide for the affluent elderly

Claymont taking first steps in its renaissance


Financial birddog achieves results

City will opt for charter schools 

Brandywine wants to revise building plan 

Ennis: Monrails aren't pie-in-the-sky 

Charter school plan called do-able  

County may create ‘home towns’ 


Civic group advocates four-lane bridge  

Candidate makes strong bid to lead Brandywine 

Red Clay banks on voters seeing the big picture

Civic group presses for bigger bridge

Superintendent decision is near 

Harter gets the nod 

City Council fine tunes school plan

Brandywine trying to avoid tax hike

Board hires Harter to lead Brandywine 

Councilman objects to Centreville planners’ approach  

Mayor vetoes Wilmington schools plan  

Brandywine Board undecided on referendum  

Brandywine Hundred in line for a sewer upgrade

Two-part referendum scheduled for May 31  

Claymonters mull over the community’s future 

Bridge approach options aired  

Area residents praise proposed bridge design

School officials warn of crisis 

Centervillans live for the moment

Council nullifies schools plan veto

Eyes will catch drivers who run red lights  


Education milestones commemorated 

Districts out money if transferees return 

Red Clay will try again  

Group denounces charter school proposal  

Bridge beginning to take shape 

Landmark offered to developers


Library construction gets under way

Bridge committee debates options 

Worst intersections and roads fingered

Huxsoll wins handily in Brandywine

Civic council backs school building program 

School finance officer predicts tight squeeze 

Civic group seeks Blue Ball redesign

Copter control to be considered  

Blue Ball land swap arranged  

Board told referendum prognosis is good 

McConnell Bridge choice: Three lanes or four  

Smith: Schools law doesn’t need fixing


Bond vote seen as public’s stamp of approval

McConnell cost estimates given

Brandywine accepts all ‘gifted’ students

Groups square off over river deepening

Neighborhood schools could bring radical changes

Bridge committee getting restless

Civic council still wants Blue Ball changes

Harter favors decentralized management

Astra Zeneca’s tax situation uncertain

Another I-95 shutdown may be coming

Nyet to Blue Ball interchange redesign

Group opts for four-lane McConnell crossing

Public schools turn in mixed results

District official said some tests results flawed

I-95 work seen creating congestion


Sewers will be fixed remotely  

Charter school boom hasn’t gone bust

Black powder is these kids' thing

Abbott said proposed law aimed at him  

Civic group wants new train station 

County isn’t gunning for  sewer offenders

Feds buy plan to cut air pollution 

Governor calls for attack on child poverty 

Second McConnell span draws unanimous support 

Highway project infuriates Claymonters


State Police cars have all gone on-line 

Unwanted trees threaten city park 

Developer is wed to ‘smart growth’ 

Panel approves county redistricting plan  

‘Neighborhood’ schools may look very different 

Adjustment board  blesses synagogue proposal

Complaint keeps reapportionment pot boiling 

DelDOT backs down in Claymont 

Reapportionment flap evidently over 

Mayor seeks blueprint for city's future 

Schools plan will employ choice 

Brookside takes on a different light 

Successful second try may lead to more 

Someone up there is watching 

Brandywine considers realigning city schools 

Brandywine may get its own lawyer and auditor 

Schools are deemed to be safe 


Plan will say county has room to grow

Firefighting heritage to be commemorated

Let them choose, Red Clay said

Veteran Brandywine district educator retires  

Brandywine's vote idea challenged 

Hitch found in county code enforcement  

Board will submit choice plan 

High-level school proposed for city 


Try civil disobedience, board is told 

Value of Brandywine vote doubted  

Road shifted to avoid historic ruins  

Red Clay adopts neighborhood schools plan 

Ante for neighborhood schools upped

Enrollment drop impacts Brandywine

Radio tower and Wawa store raise concerns 

Property code scofflaws targeted 

A.I. High installing a memorial garden  

Schools' racial mix defined 

We may know by Christmas

Schools law draws a resounding 'no'

Area deals with anthrax threat 


County wants to make redevelopment easier

Business organization backs the approach 

Board reluctantly chooses a schools plan 

Claymont tower decision reaffirmed

Ordinance likely to be delayed

Extensive school plan under study 

Tower choice clarified

Brandywine budget getting tighter  

Lawmaker asks: Why not a monorail? 

New school renovation plan offered 

Brandywine goes with status quo 

St. Anthony's is an artistic treasure trove

Code cases to go to one court 

District advised to plan for fewer schools 

State board receives schools plans 


Budget crunch looms, board is told

State cutback unlikely to block school projects

Kids' store means business

Kennett Pike reaches for byways status

Public asked to share cost of library

Strategic plan will chart future of Brandywine schools

Red Clay schedules bond referendum in  March 

County redevelopment law being revised 

Size of school tax hike hinted 

Teacher urges fines for student smokers 

Venerable city church fills a new role 

Plan isn't just about a new school