November xx,  2010

Sheldon is Democrats' choice
for County Council leader

The prospective County Council president said his primary efforts will be directed toward achieving a goal that Chris Coons's administration found elusive during its six years in office.

Timothy Sheldon told a well-attended open caucus of the county and city of Wilmington Democratic committees that he will go after state government support to prop up county finances. Promising "no increase in taxes" during two years he apparently will serve chairing the legislative branch of county government, Sheldon said "there are other ways to raise revenue." Expressing disdain over the county's employing a lobbyist to represent its interests in Dover, he told committee members that there is no reason why county officials and members of the General Assembly can't cooperate to deal with issues. While not specifying what aid he will go after, Sheldon listed several relatively small cost-cutting measures he has advocated while representing his Pike Creek district on Council.

Following a cordial debate with civic activist William Dunn  on Nov. 22, the committee members overwhelmingly chose Sheldon over Dunn to be their nominee in the special election to fill the council presidency vacated when Paul Clark moved up to replace now U.S. Senator Coons as county executive. Date of the election has not yet been set, but political observers regard Sheldon as the odds-on favorite to defeat Republican Thomas Kovach on the basis of the party's large lead in voter registration and the momentum it achieved in the northernmost county during the general election. If Sheldon does win, there will be yet another special election called to fill his vacated Council seat. Democrats now have a 10-to-two Council majority.

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