November 17,  2010

Philadelphia Pike makeover
to get under way in spring

Delaware Department of Transportation intends to begin the makeover of Philadelphia Pike during the coming spring and complete the work by the end of summer. Although two contiguous projects will involve just resurfacing the roadway from 28th and Market Streets in north Wilmington to the Interstate 495 interchange in Claymont, the department will use striping paint to significantly alter configuration of the pike between Harvey Road and the Governor Printz Boulevard intersection. There the present four 11-feet-wide travel lanes will be reduced to two with a median lane for left turns from either direction. The present width of the road's right-of-way, including shoulders, will not be changed, but bicycle and parking lanes will be added to each side.

What amounts to a narrowing the busy highway is intended comply with the Claymont renaissance movement's intent to create a 'walkable' town. Several years in gestation, final plans presented at a public 'workshop' on Nov. 16 include redesign of the pike's intersection with Commonwealth Avenue and providing for extending Manor Avenue into the Darley Green development. Meanwhile, a bid will be made to include money for preliminary engineering of a new train station at the foot of Myrtle Avenue in the state's fiscal 2012 capital spending legislation. Although unlikely, moving ahead with that project without interruption could result in the station being completed in about five years, according to David Gula, senior partner with the Wilmington Area Planning Council.

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