December 3,  2010

County begins drafting its new
long-range development plan

Attracting new jobs while retaining existing ones and "an increased effort to help existing communities" were presented as primary goals as county government began work on the quintannual revision of its Comprehensive Development Plan. Providing in general terms the first public glimpse into his administration's policy, newly installed County Executive Paul Clark told about 50 civic activists gathered for the launching of a year-long process to write the plan, "You're not planning for just the next five years; you're planning for the next generation." State law requires that an updated plan be adopted every five years. David Culver, Department of Land Use general manager, said a final draft will be ready for County Council approval in January, 2012.

The process outlined by April Showers, planning vice president of Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, the consulting firm hired by the department to lead the effort, includes 11 semimonthly public meetings, starting in January, 2011, to gather 'input' for each of the plan's chapters. Culver promised at the session on Dec. 2 that the process will be "transparent" and open to any resident wishing to participate. It will be reported step-by-step and in detail on the county government website as it goes along, he said. While saying that the drafters are open to receiving ideas either in person or via e-mail, Culver gave as possible new "tools in the toolbox" additional zoning classifications to accommodate existing urban areas and to provide for permanent open space.

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