September 10,  2010

Château-country folk wary of
a domino effect on their road

 Some residents of the Greenville-Centreville area see a Delaware Department of Transportation scheme to turn Kennett Pike into "another Kirkwood Highway or Concord Pike" behind plans to build turning lanes at and to illuminate the intersection of Kennett and Kirk Road.  "This has the potential of going all the way out Kennett Pike," Kimberly Hoffman, a lawyer representing resident Jill Cantera, told a recent meeting of Kennett Pike Association trustees. "We want something more appropriate to Kennett Pike." Opponents of what DelDOT regards as safety improvements have been quietly attempting to have the plan scaled back. Specifically, they want the intersection designed for a 35 mile-an-hour speed limit instead of the presently planned 50 mile-an-hour configuration.

Mark Chura, executive director of Delaware Greenways, brought a map which he said depicted the most recent "speed design." Several attenders at the meeting claimed it showed no substantive change from what had previously been presented. The new one showed five 11-foot-wide lanes where there now are four. The left-turn lanes overlap. "This is a battle we can win," County Councilman Robert Weiner said, adding that Claymont residents, who are generally regarded as having considerably less political clout, beat back a similar "through traffic" proposal for Philadelphia Pike. Despite having obtained some supportive media publicity in their effort to generate public and legislators' objections, "there hasn't been a groundswell about this yet," Hoffman said.

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