August 15,  2010

County came out ahead
in just ended fiscal year

For the first time in several years county government got through a fiscal year without a deficit. Data recently published by the finance department show it was a half million dollars into the black on a $165 million fiscal 2010 budget. As it did last year, the Coons administration is predicting a $7 million shortfall this fiscal year  in a budget that has grown to nearly $168 million. In the year ended June 30, salaries and benefits were $2.4 million less than expected while the real estate transfer tax brought in $2.9 million more than originally projected. However, six transactions of $10 million or more accounted for $2.2 million of that. Increases in service charges and fees netted $4.2 million. The county entered fiscal 2011 with an unencumbered $48.9 million reserve.

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