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April 2009

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April 6, 2009

A little known and less appreciated bit of Delaware history is the role the state played in setting up the climactic battle of the Revolutionary War. That is likely to change if the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association is successful. The private organization was established to promote the recently designated  685-mile historic 'trail' between Newport, R.I., and Yorktown, Va., as a tourist attraction. That is the

General Charles Cornwallis surrenders after the Battle of Yorktown.

route the the American Continental Army and a large contingent of French soldiers sent to aid the fight for independence took en route to the climactic battle of the war. At present, the 26-mile route through northern New Castle County is not marked and its attractions are decidedly limited. But now that the designation has been achieved -- two years beyond the original target of the 225th anniversary of the march -- that could change if the sites are appropriately identified for visitors and other attractions in the historically rich area are linked to it.

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