November, 2006


Publication by the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington of a nearly-complete list of priests and former priests against whom 'credible evidence' of sexually abusing minors exists was welcome, even though the action was long overdue and evidently taken only in  response to pressure from the only significant local newspaper which once again has again has discovered the value of latching on to a proven hot-button issue. We doubt if  a comparable campaign will follow to force less vulnerable targets -- other denominations, public and private schools, police forces, youth organizations, social agencies and the like -- to 'release' accountings of their workers and volunteers who have been disciplined and-or reassigned in similar circumstances.


The customary holiday drives to provide food baskets to the needy are in full swing. We wonder, though, how many of the donors -- or, for that matter, the providers -- give much thought to the prospect of the recipients eating more than twice a year.


The New York Mets' new baseball stadium, which will replace Shea Stadium, will be named Citi Field under terms of a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal. Isn't it about time to name a bank after a ball park?

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