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January 16,  2006

 Joe Biden drew a considerable amount of criticism for his performance during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito. Someone actually put the stopwatch on the senior senator from Delaware to see how long it took him to get through a verbose introduction and actually ask a question. Then there was the display of the Princeton University hat.

That's our Joe.

It's no secret to anyone who has been around Delaware politics that Biden is verbose. We heard that, when he delivered a commencement address, the sophomores were ready to graduate. So that's a bit exaggerated. But there isn't much doubt that, if Mr. Guiness kept track of such things Senator Biden would hold the record for the longest time between when he said he's going to wrap up his speech with a few final words and when he actually utters the last of them.

Biden was one of those who questioned whether committee hearings were even necessary and suggested going back to the days when advise and consent for a presidential appointment was referred directly to the full Senate. Sensible as that idea might be, he was not likely to back it up by skipping his chance to perform on national television at the Alito sessions.

National media exposure, of course, is nothing new for Senator Biden. He's managed to get much more than his share. But these days, it's hard to get too much of a good thing. After all, he is considering running for President.

There isn't much doubt that Alito is going to get to sit on the Supreme Court bench. Whether or not longwindedness is an impediment to getting to live in the White House remains to be seen.

Legal Times has done a good job of putting our senator into context with his committee colleagues. CLICK HERE to read that article.

  There's nothing new about a teacher who finds students a bit antsy. But the University of Bristol in England conducted a study and found out for the first time that ants can be a bit studious. According to an article in the Washington Post there may be a lot more fact than fiction about Flik than we realized. CLICK HERE to read that article.

  It's all right to be squeamish if you're a high school student in New Jersey. A new law said they can't take the fun out of lunch when you get to biology class. It sounds like they did it in the name of political correctness. But who cares? Th result is the same no matter how you got there.

Gov. Codey last week signed a bill that said public school students "may refuse to dissect, vivisect, incubate, capture or otherwise harm or destroy animals" as part of instruction.  MORE

  Speaking of Jersey, the Garden State now has an official slogan. The tourism folk over there paid a marketing firm $260,000 to come up with 'We'll win you over'. The governor didn't think that was very good, so he asked the residents to try to come up with a better one. His office received about 8,000 ideas.

After eliminating the obscene, the inane and the ridiculous, that was whittled down to a manageable few and it was put to a vote, via telephone and the Internet. This time there were 11,000 responses. The winner: "Come see for yourself."

The winning author gets a weekend getaway and a pair of tickets to a ballgame.

Although it's hard to dispute that it's good being first, does anyone see a lesson in there?

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