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September 9, 2005

Years of frustration and personal anguish burst forth as several members of the Brandywine Special Needs Parent-Teacher Association detailed their experiences trying to obtain the best education possible for their 'challenged' children in the Brandywine School District.

It was "the most provocative presentation since I've been on the board," said school board president Craig Gilbert after hearing the testimony. Superintendent Bruce Harter admitted to what he acknowledged has been a serious failing during his four years as chief administrator.

To regular attenders of board meetings -- and, sadly, there are few from the general public who show up -- it was, indeed, the most issue-charged session in several years. But there was a significant difference from past controversies. This time, it appeared that the board listened.

Rather than respond defensively, the five of seven members present -- Joseph Brumskill and Sandra Skelly were absent -- apologetically determined to do something to remedy what apparently is a very bad situation and to do it post haste.

Board member Nancy Doorey acknowledged that she could never fully understand the feelings of parents in special and frequently difficult circumstances. But she indicated no reluctance to accept the validity of what they had to say and act on it. CLICK HERE to read the Delaforum article.

You can webhop through Delaforum's PULSE to get the latest information from and about the Gulf Coast, but there are a couple of items on what the old time newscaster used to call the second page that are worthy of attention.

The Associated Press tells us about 35 army trucks rolling toward the disaster area to assist in recovery efforts. That would not be unusual -- many military personnel have been arriving since the hurricane hit -- except for the fact the army happens to be the Mexican army. It's the first time Mexican troops have been in operation on American soil since 1846. This time they came unarmed and in what most people would welcome as a gesture of solidarity with amigos in trouble.  MORE

The T.G.I.F. crowd and those of us who, until the past couple of weeks, considered New Orleans only in its role as America's foremost party town will appreciate what Bob Dart of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found on Bourbon Street. The center of the sleazy Big Easy that America knows from Mardi Gras, Super Bowns and countless conventions was high and dry -- at least not flooded. Johnny White's Sports Bar and Grill was full, and the warm beer was flowing.  MORE  

County Executive Chris Coons has provided details of what New Castle County has offered to send to the Gulf.  MORE

A three-pronged investigation into the system for providing the services of off-duty county police officers to private organizations and, in particular, into how they were paid for performing those services is a month or so away from producing its initial results.  MORE

Who said Delawareans are sunshine patriots? Although  the While the Wilmington Blue Rocks spent most of their just-ended  baseball season in the Carolina League cellar, they led the league at the box office.  MORE



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