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September 4, 2005

Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, thousands of Japanese and Japanese-Americans were relocated from the West Coasts to several internment camps. Although hindsight has branded that a low point in American history, it could provide an answer to the question of what to do about those left homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

Several years of cutbacks have rendered some military bases around the nation partly or entirely idle. Some could be 'reactivated' at relatively low cost to serve in this crisis. The relocation would be voluntary and last until the people involved are able to make individual decisions about how and where to get on with their lives.

Arrival of the National Guard and regular military appears to have turned the more immediate situation around. They call their commanding officer the Ragin' Cajun. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin calls Lt. Gen. Russel Honore a "John Wayne dude" who can "get some stuff done."  MORE

CLICK HERE to read a summary of the Delaware Guard's participation.

Those not familiar with New Orleans geography can CLICK HERE to access a map they can use to orient themselves.

Arden bade a traditional farewell to the summer season for the 98th time at the community's annual fair.  MORE

Happy 75th this week to ...

Blondie is a popular comic strip created by Murat Bernard "Chic" Young that has been syndicated in newspapers since September 8, 1930. In 1995, the strip was one of 20 included in the Comic Strip Classics series of commemorative postage stamps.

Originally, Blondie focused on the adventures of

Blondie Boopadoop, a carefree flapper girl who spent her days in dance halls. On February 17, 1933, after much fanfare and buildup, Miss Boopadoop was married to her boyfriend Dagwood Bumstead, the son of a wealthy industrialist. Unfortunately for the Bumsteads, Dagwood was disowned by his upper-crust family for marrying beneath his class, and he has been slaving away for tyrannical boss Julius Caesar Dithers, in the office of the J. C. Dithers Construction Company to support his family ever since.  MORE

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