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September 1, 2005

Delaforum was set up six years ago this month as a sort of halfway house on the road to personal retirement after a long career in journalism and related communications. It soon became apparent that the site could fill a niche by reporting community news of interest to residents of Brandywine Hundred. It also has been obvious that a part-time effort cannot provide the level of coverage that this community deserves.

Accepting that reality has led to a decision to convert to a more personal blog format. The blog -- short for web log -- has, in a very short time, taken on an important role among news media. Quality and professionalism vary greatly but, taken as a whole, bloggers extend the availability of information. It remains for you, the reader, to sort among what is offered and separate the proverbial wheat and chaff.

Confused about what a blog is? CLICK HERE to access a quick primer.

Delaforum will call itself a "blog +plus+". It will keep most of the features that regular visitors say they appreciate. It also will continue to be a forum, which was the original concept. For the time being, 'Community voices' will retain its present format while ways to provide a more valuable exchange of responsible opinion are studied. Your comments and suggestions in that regard are welcome. (Use this e.mail link to communicate directly if you would prefer that your message not be published.

To the extent it can, Delaforum will continue to cover significant news on a selective basis. In many instances, you will continue to be able to read all about it 'first in Delaforum'.

New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin ordered 1,500 police officers to leave their search-and-rescue mission Wednesday night and return to the streets to stop the looting that has turned increasingly hostile as the city plunges deeper into chaos. The number of officers involved amounts to virtually the city's entire police force.  MORE   Access PULSE to read up-to-date accounts from newspapers in New Orleans, Biloxi and Mobile.

Cindy Sheehan is not alone in her stance. The latest Gallup poll found that 41% of Americans would tell President Bush to "get the [expletive] out of Iraq."

An effort is underway to develop a plan for workable implementation of a ban on dumping yard waste in landfills. The governor's office and Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control are looking for ammunition to use in what they agree will be a tough battle to have recycling legislation enacted after the General Assembly returns in January. MORE

The controversial Paladin stone wall is back in the news with residents asking Superior Court to throw out a Board of Adjustment ruling that the condominium community's developer doesn't have to restore the section of wall it had torn down.   MORE  

It has been a bountiful year for catching crabs in the Delaware -- but an off year for selling them.  MORE


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