Delaforum asked all state senators and representatives in northern New Castle County districts to list their priorities for the session which begins on Jan. 11. Only two responded.

Senator Charles Copeland


 I plan to continue to focus on the three issues on which I first ran:

1) control government spending (we spend 40% more per person inflation adjusted than we did 12 years ago -- Are our Government services 40% better? Health and Social Services? Education? Crime Rate?);

2) improve/increase education opportunity and choice (school accountability has stagnated, three-tiered diploma's are a dismal idea, protect our charter schools from bureaucracy); and

3) improve our quality of life (finish the review of the Cherry Island Landfill and work towards an appropriate recycling program).


Representative Joseph Di Pinto

Here are my priorities, not necessarily in order of importance: 

1) To provide a balanced operating budget, characterized by an acceptable level of growth and a continuing improvement in the level and quality of delivered services.

2) To achieve a meaningful reduction in the rate and level of the gross receipts tax, which is the state's 'hidden sales tax'.

3) To enunciate a firm State commitment to provide a full array of high quality services, in the least restrictive environment, for ALL mentally and physically disabled citizens by a date certain (perhaps 2008) and to continue to make progress in achieving that goal.

4) To eliminate the three-tier diploma system.

5) To readjust the student accountability system, so that the standardized tests are used as only one of many performance measures- and therefore will no longer be regarded as high stakes tests.

6) To complete the transition to scientifically-based methods to teach reading at all grade levels.

7) To comprehensively study approaches to early childhood education so that we can promulgate public policy which offers the most effective platform for learning. This study must be based on solid verifiable data -- including cost -- to justify and support the new and ongoing investment.

8) To resolve the staffing and compensation issues within the corrections system.

Posted on January 5, 2005

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