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Historic features of P.S.
will be preserved

As the 75th anniversary of the opening of the school that is now P.S. du Pont Intermediate is commemorated in September, planning will be underway to totally renovate it during the 2006-07 academic year. A key element of those plans will be to preserve the historical features of the building.

Just as the building of nearby Harlan, which opened in 1934, anticipated the design and construction of P.S., the renovation will, in a sense, emulate what was done with Harlan during its renovation. It is generally agreed that that result was modernization without losing  a sense of its heritage.

Although both schools now draw from a wider area, they have, over the years, been an integral part of their north Wilmington neighborhood.

P.S. started life as a high school. Today it serves about 1,000 fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders and, in a separate area, kindergarteners.

Brandywine School District officials have said that, as was the case with other buildings, relatively little of the work that will be done at P.S. will be visible to the public. It will involve heating, ventilation, lighting and mechanical systems. Among other things, the building will be air conditioned.

Here, though, is a glimpse at some of the features of the building which are visible and which it is intended will remain after the renovation is finished.


The copula which is the building's signature feature was restored several years ago while the former high school was remodeled to meet the needs of younger students.


The entranceway and foyer beyond are decorated in a style used by schools today, but a plaque commemorates the education officials of three-quarters of a century ago responsible for its construction. On the opposite wall is one listing members of P.S.'s first nine graduating classes who served in the military during World War Two.