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The Blue Ball Big Dig

It may not quite match the size of the renown highway project in Boston, but second phase highway construction at Blue Ball is on a scale seldom seen in Delaware.

A few yards from still busy Concord Pike workers are carving two underpasses. One will provide for a partial interchange where the pike, Foulk and Rockland Roads and a new major highway connecting with Powder Mill Road will come together. The other, just south of there, will take a parkway serving both halves of Alapocas Run State Park and a pedestrian and bicycle path, which will be part of the Northern Delaware Greenway under the pike.

This part of the overall Blue Ball Project is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2006. Winter weather this season and next will tell if that timetable will be met.

Woodstown, N.J.-based R.F. Pierson Contracting Co. is the general contractor.


This is the beginning of the lower-level connection of Foulk Road and the yet-to-be-built connector with Powder Mill Road.


  This cut will eventually carry the greenway path and park road. To appreciate its size, reference the two workers standing between the power shovels in the center of the photo.

All that digging piles up to a lot of
dirt -- an estimated 380,000 cubic
yards by the time it's all moved. Most
of it will be 'recycled', some to the
expansion of Rock Manor golf course
and the rest to other highway jobs.


Also to be recycled is this mound of asphalt shavings scraped from the surface of Concord Pike.