You can always tell a native Delawarean -- although you can't tell him (or her) much.





... Brag that their state actually is bigger than some Texas ranches.

... Don't have to talk about what it was like growing up someplace else.

... Delight in the fact they live so close to Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington.

... Divide their world into the land Above and Below the Canal.

... Know how to spell Appoquinimink.

... Can pronounce NewARK correctly.

... Are able to locate Bellefonte, Talleyville, Elsmere, and Ardentown amid all the suburban clutter..

... Understand the difference between Christina and Christiana.

... Credit the original Swedish settlers with introducing the log cabin, but don't know of any famous Delawarean born in one.

... Refer to the Brandywine as a crik, not a river.

... Get drinks of wooter at the kitchen zink.

... Also warsh their cars with wooter.

... Think anybody from anywhere else talks with a funny accent.

... Eat submarines, not hoagies. And can tell the difference between a sub and an overstuffed ham sandwich.

... Think it's an epicurean experience to dine at the Charcoal Pit.

... Have gone to a muskrat dinner in a Methodist church.

... Don't really care what ingredients go into making scrapple as long as they can drown it in ketchup.

... Go to Johnny's for kielbasa.

... Think St. Anthony's festival is the epitome of Italian culture.

... Dream of having an affair at the Hotel du Pont.

.... Install security lights and alarm systems and then leave all the doors and windows unlocked.

... Are confident the volunteer fire company will come if needed, but complain about the siren that summons the fire fighters.

... Think they're in a traffic jam if there are three other cars waiting at a same red light.

... Measure distances in minutes, not miles.

... Aren't confused if the same road has five or six different names.

... Won't drive to any place that takes more than an hour to get to.

... End sentences with prepositions

... Expect schools to close if three snowflakes fall.

... Panic if more than three snowflakes fall.

... Turn on the air conditioning whenever the temperature goes above 70.

... Turn up the heat whenever the temperature gets below 70.

... Work overtime during the winter so they can pay to spend two summer weeks in Sussex County (if they live in New Castle) but wouldn't think of spending two weeks in New Castle County (if they live in Sussex).

... Go to the beach, not the shore.

... Have been caught in the undertow at Cape Henlopen.

... Can tell the difference between the smell of chicken manure and mushroom soil.

... Either work for a bank or have a relative who does.

... Know who used to make better things for better living through chemistry but now is hoping to come up with a miracle of science.

... Regard the opening of a Home Depot as a memorable event.

... Remember when Trolley Square was just a car barn.

... Used to listen to WAMS.

... Get nostalgic for the B. & O.

... Have never voted a straight political ticket.

... Are on a first-name basis with the governor and mayor.

... Expect to be around long enough to get a letter from Joe Biden on White House stationery.


Posted on May 22, 2002

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